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Intimate Solution Network is a clinical consulting firm for couples or individuals who wishes to resolve or manage emotional, marital, sexual or physical conflicts. The company render these services through its popular TV & Radio Talk Show and one on one consultation. Beyond counseling, the company is also into other life improving businesses. Basically we are in the business of building homes, mending relationships and generally helping individuals through self discovery to find a lasting happiness. Intimate solution solves emotional and psychological problems that could result to lack of efficiency, social irrelevance or even suicide.Emotional problems and conflicts are natural occurrence, they are art of human existence that could lead to detrimental consequences if not well managed.


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Single and ready to meet the man/woman of your dreams? Be at the dating party on the 29th of April 2018. To register, simply pay the registration fee to the account: Intimate solution Network, first bank account no: 2030010693. Then send your name and any evidence of payment to Inquiries: 08184575377


Dating Party is a kind of gathering where single men and ladies who are ready for marriage meet to discuss the possibilities of getting married. During this period, the men will have opportunity to meet ladies from whom they can make their choice of future wife, and vice versa for the ladies. The most interesting part is that, we will guide, moderate and counsel them till the wedding bell rings.

Dating Party is an organized matchmaking process in which people seeking long-last romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners in order to determine whether there is mutual interest.

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful couples around you started? It was just an opportunity to meet the right person at the right time; relationships start just within minutes or even seconds, individuals only need to understand how to nurture it.

In the field of counseling, one of the exercises used in helping those who are single against their wish is to…


Event Venue: Four Point By Sheraton VI, LAGOS DRESS CODE: ALL WHITE REGISTRATION: 5,000 for members of and 10,000 for non-members Date & Time: SUNDAY 29TH OF APRIL 2018 | 5.00pm - 9:00 pm To register: Pay your registration fee to: Intimate Solution Network, First Bank Account No: 2030010693. Then send a mail to or Whatsapp: +2348184575377, indicating your name and any evidence of payment.